A year ago. A year from now.

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     Depending on who you ask, a year can be a lifetime or a blink of an eye. As I sit here, the night before my departure to Korea(!!!what???), it's interesting to look back and visualize the person I was. I guess not much has fundamentally changed really. I was preparing for an adventure of sorts: my last semester of college. I was moving into a house-apartment, with my life in a few bags, unsure of what to expect. Almost all of my friends had moved on to other cities, so I was essentially alone with my work, environment, and self. This forced me to truly reflect and transform in a way I didn't think I could obtain. I became more independent and confident. I began to take more chances. I grew into myself. This time last year is close to being one of the most significant in my life. And, ironically enough, it wasn't until tonight that I've realized that.

     So, a year from now.. Where will I be? Who will I be? That's an exciting thought. I've had professors say after teaching a skill: "Just put it in your toolbox, you never know when you'll need it." Such is life. Life is a series of experiences that build up to account for who we are and what we have to offer. I hope to come back with a basket full.

    So! This time tomorrow I will be at the first day of my orientation! Five days of orientation then school starts on Monday. MONDAY!   I'll try to update regularly and keep everyone posted on my progress..or lack there of. hahaa

Oh God..what am I doing.....


  1. You are what I wish America was represented by all the time. You are kind, incredible, talented and brilliant. This is only the beginning :) you are going to change lives- your own more than anything else. You are getting a year to put into your pocket. You are living the dream and I am proud to even know you. Hang in there, the new chaper awaits.

  2. So I met this guy named Stanley...


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