Quick Travel Tips

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Here are some travel tips that I've gained through my experiences on the road:

  1. Pack light: Depending on the trip, a backpack or two should be more than enough. Unless you're planning to strut the streets of Milan during fashion week, a combination of comfy layers should keep you set through your adventure. (You're going to want room for treasures!)

  2. Always over-budget yourself: There's nothing worse than making decisions based on a dwindling budget. If you need to spend the night in your hostel and miss out on a night of Muay Thai boxing due to unforeseen budget woes, your trip may end on a sour note. Plan ahead, expect the unexpected, and, if anything, your over-budgeting will make you come home with a little extra bonus money for your next trip.

  3. Use common sense: I love to travel alone. I love to travel foreign countries alone. But. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean the rest of the world shares your carefree sentiment. Exercise caution and use common while traveling. Enjoy walking about and exploring, but know your area and know when to stay away. Stay safe people!

  4. Respect other cultures: This may come as a no-brainer... but, it's astounding how many people you encounter while traveling who are the very example of disrespect. Remember, you are not only representing yourself,  you are representing your country as well! Squash stereotypes. And! If you show respect to the locals I guarantee you will have a much better time.

  5. Avoid high-season: I can't stand a crowded beach, or crowded tourist site, or a crowded anything. Travel at low season! See other countries from a different season aside from summer (I hear Japan is absolutely beautiful in the winter!) But, be sure to do your research. You don't want to end up in Cambodia during their monsoon season...

  6. Get lost: I don't mean to be rude but... get lost! I love to wander. Wandering is the best! Sure, do your research and set aside a list of sites you want to see. But the only true way of experiencing a city is to wander and get lost in it. Go off the tourist trail and see places for what they really are.

  7. Take notes: Even if you don't plan on publishing your writing or even showing it to anyone besides yourself, note taking is a great way to remember the details. Write down how things made you feel, what things smelled like, what they tasted like, etc. Photos are great but it's also great, at the end of a long travel day, to sit and reflect with a notepad and pen.

  8. If you can, leave your itinerary open-ended: Add to your feeling of freedom by leaving your itinerary to the wind! Book an entrance and exit ticket and leave the rest up to chance. It's exciting, whimsical, and leaves you feeling more fulfilled than following a day by day plan.

  9. Have fun with budgeting. Do your research!: Travel can be affordable and attainable. (Hey, I did it!) It's surprising what money can get you in other countries compared to your own. A beer in Hanoi may cost you 4cents while one in Belgium will cost you $18! Save away, remain debt free, and travel budget-hardy if need be. You can do it!

  10. Do it now!: Turn that "I wish" into a "I will". Don't wait. 


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