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Starting to sketch a little bit...
It's an odd feeling: not having a deadline. Kinda nice!
I definitely want to do a strictly bathysphere series. Exploration, the unknown, etc.  I'm going to try and create a relatively portable body of work based around them and hopefully(!) will propose a show for when I get back. 
Here's me starting to get a little dirty...

Tangled Bathyspheres.

"I could squid watch all day." hahaa who does this piece remind me of? I didn't realize it until I was done with it. Oops! Haha Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... 
But anyhoo, this piece came about after my walk to the subway home in Panam today. Impromptu fish market on the sidewalk. Complete with an open truck full of creatures being beheaded one after another by a butcher knife wielding elderly woman. I told you: the elderly can not be taken lightly here! haha It was shocking and fascinating. Everything from sole to squid, to what looked to be barracuda. Next time I want to take some photos. Today I just walked by.
(Pieces based off those photos would be a new series -separate from my last theme. I don't want anyone to think otherwise.)


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