2 months - 1/6

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Once again, it's the 19th. I don't know where this last month went. Honestly. I'm all about time travelling, but this is ridiculous. Poof! So, I've been here two months. One of my friends said: "We've all finished 1/6 of our contracts." Crazy. I'll be home before I know it and memories of my time here will seem like a dream.

These past couple weeks have been a little trying -as I'm sure you can measure based on the tone of some of my most recent posts. But, I assume it's on account of the 'honeymoon-stage' being over. That's not neccessarily a bad thing. I welcome putting myself to the test of independance. That's 72% of the reason why I came here after all. The rest can be attributed to exploration, knowledge of my own mortality, and a post-graduation grab bag of things.

I had to miss volleyball again this week. I'm sure they're starting to think that I don't want to play and that I'm just making up excuses. But yesterday, literally as I was about to go change into my tennis shoes, my new coteacher asked what we were teaching for our next class. She wasn't sure what to do and didn't think a game was appropriate. Sooo I had to stay behind and work things out with her. I really do think I'm just going to have to take hold and run with these 3rd and 4th graders. Which is fine. But it's just quite the switch going from my most stuctured classes to having it completely up in the air...and up to me.
But Chani told me that the Principal missed me again. And, apparently he likes me because he thinks I'm "mighty". Hahaa! I'll take that as a compliment though I'm sure most women, assuming they want to appeal to some feminine nature, would not. I'm the Mighty-Migook! That's my new wrestler name... Watch out. I will break you.

The kids have been as sweet as ever lately. They're becomming more and more comfortable with me. My hug quota has been growing exponetially. They play with my hair, give me high fives, and try to talk to me more and more -whether it's in Korean or English. Too cute. I love hearing "Jessica Seim!" from various directions as I walk up the stairs to school. A couple students even popped in the English office the other day to talk to one of my coteachers about me. After they left, Chani translated: "At first they didn't want you. They missed Rob Teacher (the previous English teacher) because he spoke Korean to them. But now they like you better." Aawwwyeah! Suck on that Rob Teacher!

(Haha, sorry. I'm sure you were a nice guy.)

I do feel that my coteachers are warming up to me. They may like me even! Like me without having to be forced to through their contract...haha But in all seriousness they are lovely people and I really do try my best to thwart the awkwardness that language barriers can bring to a relationship. I think they've noticed my efforts. And, as irony would have it, me being sick has brought out the sweetest and best in them. Everyday they point to their throats and ask how I'm feeling and if I need anything. Every break we had they'd make me tea and as I'd get up to get it I'd hear: "No, no, no. I serve you." Too much. Love them.
And yesterday, as a result of miscommunication during lunch time, they ended up buying me the best kimbap I've had yet. So, today on the way to school I stopped by Paris Bauguette and picked up some honey bread to share. They're always giving me food. So, this was the least I could do. Seriously, the very least. I need some ideas of what to give them. Any?
Last minute I've been invited on a weekend trip with two of my bros. Best bros. We're going to Gyeongu -which is ironic because Ms. Nahm just took the 6th graders on a field trip there and told me to go before I left Korea. Perfect timing! Gyeongu is about an hour long KTX ride away and is located on the South East side of Korea. It looks amazing and beautiful. Full of history and culture. I can't wait. It will be just what I need: A wee fall trip away from my apartment. haha
And speaking of trips! On Halloween I was informed that their is a "teacher field trip" to the Arboretum in Dunsan complete with dinner. Lovely! And the weekend of Novemeber 16th we are going to take a trip to Anmyendo Island. They asked if I wanted to go. I asked how much. They looked at each other, then turned to me and said: "Free." I couldn't help but laugh. Uhm, YESS.

In other news...professional news: I am dead set on doing a show here. It's going to happen. I've been sketching like a fiend and plan to start the main pieces next week. Claire and I will take Seoul by storm with out KCAD ways. Prepare yourselves for some drawings people: Prepare.

Btw, this song is very fitting for my life right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMQkqjljwG0&feature=relmfu

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  1. awwww Im glad the coteachers are taking good care of you! :) and the kids sound adorable!!!


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