Plot Twist

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I've been settling more and more into my role as a teacher. It's funny to think back to my times as a substitute teacher and compare them to now.
But working with my new coteacher has been interesting. Monday was a little rough like I said, but on Tuesday something was said that made me feel  like my time here was worthy. On Monday my new coteacher said, at the end of the day, that she couldn't teach like me. She said it in a weary tone that made me think that maybe she disagreed with my teaching style. Which I can understand. But, I'm not a certified teacher and I see myself as a more supplemental role. So, that kind of bummed me out...
But on Tuesday I was explaining to her about Halloween (I'm doing a lesson on Halloween for 6th grade) and while talking about costumes I mentioned that I had a brief stint as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. She said: "Wow, you've done a lot of things." And I explained to her our saying "Jack of all trades, master of none." I said that I can do a lot of things, but I'm not really good at one thing specifically. I wish I was. Then she grabbed my arm and said: "No, no. I think you are a master of teaching."

Yep. Feeling pretty awesome. :)

Another 'Teacher Jessica' highlight in my week happened yesterday. I was sitting in my office and one of my third graders came in said "Sungseinneim Jessh-ee-kah" and proceeded to stand next to me smiling. She just stood there for a bit and I tried to ask "How are you?" She just responded "Mihae". That was her name. haha She said Mihae a couple more times then sat down in the middle of the floor and started to unpack her backback. She pulled out a keyboard instrument, spoke a few words to my coteacher and began to peck away at the keys. My coteacher motioned to me and said: "She said she was thinking about you and missed you. She wanted to come see you and play you a song." I melt. It's things like that that make those heinous Monday mornings worth it.

Just now in the office I was visited by another little surprise. This one was fluffy and on four legs. Yes, another dog to make me swoon and long for a commitment that I should not enter in. I'm pretty sure my coteachers think I'm strange because as soon as he was let down onto the floor I was right down there with him. "You must like animals." Yes, yes I do. He putzed around the office for a couple of hours and eventually fell asleep on my lap. I smell like puppy breath and I don't care.

Yesterday and today I had my 6th grade classes. They are tough. But! I was equipped with a Halloween lesson using myself as a no-shame-center-for-amusement. I dug in the archives and pulled up some pretty hilarious photos from past Halloweens. Yep, there was the classic "dice" costume with me and Ian -which I'm sure he'll love reading that. Cleopatra made an appearance alongside her faithful "cat", aka Joy. And what really got their attention was the "Teacher Jessica Zombie". haha I don't think they will ever look at me the same way again. Good! Those kids need a little fear put into them...

Speaking of Halloween...the foreigners are invading Busan this weekend. I, on the other hand, am not going. I'm staying back to conserve money and energy and to see what Daejeon has to offer in terms of ghost and goblins. Apparently there is a scavenger hunt -which should be fun! And my friend is going to DJ at a local club -minimal synth/industrial. Should be pretty awesome.
Sooo tonight, I'm heading out in search of a navy blue collared shirt and red polka bot bandanna. Can you guess? I'll give you a hint: "We Can Do It."

--Funny side note: Today in one of my 6th grade classes, as the students were reading from the board, I took off my glasses to clean them. The whole class stopped. Some students gasped and some students pointed and said "Blue! Blue!" Now, I'm not exaggerating...this really happened. Haha, I looked at Ms. Nahm as I slowly turned around to put my glasses back on and she was laughing. Holy crap. Remind me to NEVER wear`contacts to school. That'd be asking for it...


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