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Walking two and from work my mind goes to some reoccurring odd and often humorous places. Lately, I've been thinking about all the pros and cons about living and working here in Korea. Most of them are trivial and I only think of them for sheer amusement...

Pro: The food is good and cheap.
Con: You think you're ordering tofu stew when in fact you receive boiled fish-skin soup.

Pro: The clothes are adorable.
Con: I'm a giant.

Pro: Korean children are cute.
Con: I'm going deaf in my right ear.

Pro: Being told I have big eyes.
Con: Korean women physically taking the glasses off my face and telling me NOT to wear them again.

Pro: Being paid millions.
Con: It's Korean won.

Pro: Fastest internet connection in the world.
Con: Oh wait, that's a lie.

Pro: Not needing a car to go places.
Con: Dodging cars at every crosswalk.

Pro: Being stared at on the subway by Korean men.
Con: Being stared at on the subway by adjamas and adjishis.

Pro: Bars never close.
Con: Bars never close.

Pro: Living by myself.
Con: An unhealthy amount of dancing in my kitchen.

Pro: Being surrounded by strange and exotic creatures.
Con: Many of them are my fellow foreign teachers. (haha just kidding, love you guys!)

Sorry, it's Monday and I'm feeling slightly cynical.

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Monday night cabin fever. derp 


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