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This weekend was a weekend of rest, relaxation, and recovery. Friday night I went out with a group to see the new James Bond movie -only one of two movies I've ever seen in IMAX. The filming was amazing. It was as if it was in 3D without being a 3D movie. Impressive. Another thing worth mentioning: Three of the people in my group were British. Bucket List item #276: Watch a James Bond film with a Brit. Check!

After some miscommunication -mostly on my end, I ended up meeting with the Daejeon theatre group last night and auditioning. We met at the Holy Cross Cafe in Dunsan -this absolutely amazing cafe, which I never would've found if not for them. I sat down with three of the directors and did two brief read-throughs from excerpts of the show. The group will be producing David Ive's All In The Timing: a collection of short, witty, comedies. My first read through was a little shaky. I only had about about two minutes to run my eyes over the script before I read with the directors. But I went for it! All three of the directors were super nice and conversational so it really wasn't that bad. After that we moved onto a second script where they had my switch characters half way through. My improv background kicked in and I began to have fun with it. I felt my face get a little red, but I think that was more so excitement and adrenaline rather than embarrassment. I was just excited to have a script in my hand again. I walked home from auditions singing. haha
They told me that they were going to inform me by Friday whether or not I'd been cast. I got a call that night! I've been cast in English Made Simple in the role of Jill.
Found this video:
So excited to be a part of this group! Looking forward to branching out and making some new friends. Rehearsals start this weekend! I'm interested to meet the Jack to my Jill. Maybe I'll meet my Korean Michael-Pricicle! <3

On another note: My new coteacher really wants to shake things up and I have the feeling that the others are not exactly welcoming this new...pizazz. The three of us sat down over snacks and the conversation quickly turned to how best to deal with multiple levels and unmotivated students. Long story short: One of my coteachers doesn't believe that English should be a required subject in schools. Yep. So that's what I've been sensing! I understand where she's coming from. She sympathizes with some of the students explanations: "I want to be a farmer. Why do I need to learn English?" Which is a valid point, but I went on to say that the very process of learning a language helps aide in other areas of learning acquisition. Just like learning music may help someone learn math. I suggested she say that to those students who truly don't care for learning their ABCs. Maybe that will help with motivation? But my new coteacher feels that it's extremely essential and envies the fact that I am a first language speaker. I told her I envy them because they know multiple languages. The grass is always greener!

Korea puts such a high emphasis on education. Such pressure. So much so that tomorrow morning classes are cancelled to cut down on traffic and decrease "distractions" for high school SAT takers. I don't know how effective that is, but it happens every year apparently! I've also heard that parents will stand outside of schools and line up like it's the red carpet at the Oscars with banners to cheer on their kids. Crazy. Kinda want to see that...

Another random Only-In-Korea event: I'm on the school badminton team. Our first practice was yesterday and, don't laugh, but I'm sore! Badminton is not just a game here -it's an all out art form of a sport. We have a coach, who I'm pretty sure is an Olympian, and quite the rigorous training schedule. Haha, WHAT did I get myself into this time? I swear...

Just to keep you up to speed. Now I have: Badminton, volleyball, theatre, and Korean class. Full plate. But I feel that it's going to be extremely beneficial to be busy come winter. I already feel like I'm plumping up (not too happy about that!).

Anyhoo...speaking of Korean class!

Anyeongi kayseyo!


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