Drinking With The Locals: Beer Prices Around The World

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     Nothing says 'holiday time' quite like kicking back with a brew; 
preferably a local brew! 
In the spirit of relaxation, and more importantly beer, I thought I'd scour the globe (and internet!) in search of budget-brews from around the world. Some are incredibly cheap and some are ...downright terrifying!

What'll it cost you to grab a pint in Hong Kong? Find out below!

*Prices are for draft lagers. No craft beer prices here unfortunately. Maybe next time!
*Prices are approximate.
*Prices determined through personal experience and pintprice.com

These countries will keep you and your wallet satisfied (and may potentially lead to you acquiring more friends than what you walked in with on account of you buying an entire round for under $1 USD!)

-Vietnam:   $0.25-$1 :  ("Fresh beer" in Vietnam is incredibly cheap and will run you about $0.25USD per draft. So go ahead, have another round!)

-Cambodia:  $0.50

-Philippines:  $0.50

-North Korea:  $0.50  (Yes, North Korea. Supposedly, a draft beer in the capital city of Pyeongyang will only set you back $0.50. That's if you're brave enough to seek one out...)

-India:  $1.00

-Cuba:  $1.25

-Peru:  $1.25

-Dominican Republic:  $1.30

-Mexico:  $1.40

-Zimbabwe:  $1.40

-South Africa:  $1.50

-China:  $1.50

-Brazil:  $1.50

These countries boast some pretty beautiful prices for any beer connoisseur. They'll manage to keep you, and your wallet, happy and satisfied.

-Saudi Arabia: $1.60  (Yes, a country whose prohibits alcohol consumption... For those brave enough, it's said you can track down a brew in an after-hours clubs. Actually, I hear the underground party scene is...pretty intense. I wouldn't recommend it.)

-Russia:  $1.80

-Mauritius:  $1.80

-Thailand:  $2.00

-Monaco:  $2.25 

-South Korea:  $2.50

-USA:  $2.50

-The Netherlands:  $2.50

-Azores:  $2.50

-The Bahamas:  $3.00

Daejeon, South Korea

These prices aren't anything to write home about. If anything, maybe they'll make you behave a bit better...

-Germany:  $3.35: (Dream of heading to Oktoberfest? Not too bad!)

-Australia:  $4.00

-Canada:  $4.00

-Hong Kong:  $4.00

-Malaysia:  $4.60

Central HK, Hong Kong

Maybe you're paying for the scenery? Let's hope.

-United Kingdom:  $5.00

-Ireland:  $5.50

-Vatican City:  $5.70  (Fancy kicking back and having a few with The Pope?)

-Australia:  $6.50

-France:  $7.00

-Singapore:  $7.00

-Greenland:  $7.38

-United Arab Emirates:  $7.60

Michigan, USA

Have a budget death-wish? You've come to the right place!

-Israel:  $8.50

-Qatar:  $9.00

-Norway:  $10.50

-Iceland:  $15.50!!!  (That one gave me heart palpitations...)

Have another price to add to the list? I'd love to know!
Comment below with your brew-price and location.
Happy Beer-ing~!
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