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     Hailing from the bustling capital of South Africa, Pretoria native Christopher Klapwijk (pronounced klahp-vake) spent the past three weeks taking in, drinking up, and traveling through America's MidWest. Wandering the urban renewal of downtown Detroit, reaching the far ends of Michigan's upper peninsula on Lake Superior, and funneling into the explosive energy that was the Pride parade on Chicago's North side, his trip was anything but one-note.
     Traveling armed with his own questions to answer on American culture,
the table has now turned to YOU! 
Curious about an outsider-perspective on American culture? 
  -What was new? 
  -What was familiar? 
  -And most important: What was his favorite Michigan beer?!
Submit your questions below, or via Twitter @HeyyitsJmo and Facebook, using the hashtag #AskASaffa, for a chance to be featured on The Ticket, The Ride.

     Stepping foot in two continents 30 hour-plane rides apart, it's amazing to consider what we have in common as well as our obvious differences. All questions are fair game! and will be answered in a full interview with Chris coming shortly. Remember to submit questions using the hashtag #AskASaffa. Deadline is Monday, July 27th.

Trip notes (new things Chris tried) for possible questions:
- first American baseball game
- first American wedding
- crossing the Mackinac bridge into the upper peninsula
- fly fishing in Grand Marais, upper peninsula
- Michigan roadtrip
- first pasty (upper peninsula staple food)
- first American diner
- The Great Lakes
- first lobster, Chicago deep dish pizza, cannoli, root beer, coney dog etc.
- Downtown Detroit
- suburban Detroit life
- Founders Brewery, Grand Rapids and many more
- Megabus to Chicago
- Pride in Chicago, after marriage equality ruling
- Michigan beer in general
- weekday suburbia karaoke night
- first 4th of July experience
- and many more!
We look forward to reading your questions!
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