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Our lesson plan presentation went fabulously yesterday. Fabulous! We were all a little nervous but managed to pull it together and present a well-rounded, fun, and creative lesson. Here's the introduction comic (made all by myself, hehe) in its entirety. (Some teachers actually wanted a copy of it!):

Once we concluded our lesson (introduction, presentation, practice, activities, review) we headed over to our judge for critique. He said, and I kid you not, "That lesson was...BALLER." hahaa He continued to say that our lesson was by far the best he heard that day and that it was fun, engaging, and well thought out/put together. With my less-than-stellar photoshop skills and lack of shame...maybe I'll be ok at this teaching thing after all. Ha!

One thing I will not be ok at however is walking. Smart-one here decided to only pack her brand new shoes without wearing them previously. I have THE worst blisters of my life (Well, maybe not of my life. There was that one time I did the Girl Scout all night rolling skating party...) Today, for lack of band-aids, I've resorted to stuffing tissue into my shoes. Yay.

Another exciting thing that happened yesterday: I've finally found out the school I'm working at! I will be working in Panam Elementary. I will be teaching 20 classes with appx. 28 students per class. It's a fairly large school (834 students) on the outskirts of town. I was sitting next to a girl who had a total of 70 students in her school! Wow.  The school is right next to a subway station, which is excellent!!! I only hope that my apartment is just as close!

Oh yeah, and there's a typhoon coming. More on that later.

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