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I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have bad luck; usually just a lack there of. But, for some reason, when it comes to travel I have a hint of the interesting when it comes to luck. After my last jaunt in Philadelphia I was expecting the worst. But! To my pleasure and surprise, my flight to Chicago was on time and so was my direct flight to Seoul. Now it wasn’t until I was on the Seoul flight that things got a little interesting...
To make a long story short: I was kicked in the face by a Korean child. 
Things started off fine. She was cute, little; maybe 5 years old, had the sweetest little voice ever and played with 3-D puzzles. Then dinner came around and she flung the rice from her bi-bim-bop in my face and spilt juice all over her seat and my leg. I just had to laugh because she was so cute. No big deal really. 
But then I tried to fall asleep. 
The flight attendants came around and asked everyone (I was sitting in the window seat) to lower their shades to make the cabin dark. This made an incredible difference and I actually thought I’d be able to sleep for a second. Since I’d been up since 3:30am, closing my eyes was long awaited. I ended up falling asleep for I don’t know how long when I was awoken by a piercing beam of light. The little girl had crawled over my lap and opened the window shade. Haha! I was not expecting that. Still, she was cute enough. I managed to shut my eyes again because I was so unbelievably exhausted, she did the same. Next thing I know I’m awoken by a pair of tiny feet propped up on my shoulder. She decided to sprawl out across the seats, placing her head on her Dad’s lap  and apparently her feet on my shoulder. In her sleep she started kicking and stretching out further and further. I just pretended to be asleep because I didn’t want her father to be embarrassed. Haha! But, after a while, he noticed and I heard an “Oh!” as he pulled her legs back. But, then the Dad fell asleep. Slowly, but surely, her legs eeked their way back over my way eventually pawing at my face! Little tiny feet on my face. Who would’ve guessed? I tried to maneuver away towards the window as best as I could, but she would just stretch further. Every once in a while her Dad would wake up and I’d hear that familiar “Oh!”. This went on for the better part of 4 hours.
Welcome to Korea! :)

I was going to write about my first day or orientation tonight as well...but I am far too tired. The orientation schedule is pretty intense. Early morning medical exam tomorrow...woohoo. 


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