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Part of the reason why I felt comfortable with choosing EPIK was their structure and organization. The first day of orientation was a prime example of that. Our day started at 10am with a campus tour -then a 3 hour long opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was great! Aside from the fact that I was running on a jet-lagged two hours of sleep, sitting in a chair, listening to speeches and powerpoint presentations...it was great. Honestly, I'm not trying to be sarcastic! The ceremony started off with a performance by the Aura Chamber Orchestra and featured traditional Korean instruments infused with modern classics. Very fun, very beautiful. The orchestra was then joined by an incredible singer (I don't think I've heard a more passionate voice. I didn't understand a single word she said but emotionally it was all there.) and a tap dancer! 

Speeches and presentations followed: what to expect in Korea, dealing with culture shock, brief Korean history, how to engage with Koreans, etc
After that it was off to class. The Daejeon group is broken up into two teams. I'm team 2B. We have class every day on various subjects: co-teaching, powerpoint, lesson planning, and of course learning Korean. The schedule is pretty rigorous. 8am-8:30pm. woof.

This morning was the all inclusive, car wash, assembly line of a medical exam. Yuck. Let's just say taking my bra off for a male Korean doctor wasn't exactly how I planned to start my day! (Shirt was kept on...don't worry haha) And yes, people were passing out all over the place.
The rest of my day will be full of classes, classes, food, and more classes.

The Koreans have my blood. As a parting gift: Korean Capri Sun!


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