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[mini post]
Had to first post in this blog was about a year from now and a year`ago, and that's quite ironic considering what I received in the mail today. Today I got my ARC card (alien registration card). This means I don't have to carry around my passport any more as form of ID. Anyhoo! I had to show my coteachers the comparison of this card to my Michigan drivers license issued in 2009. I look completely different and I was curious to see what my coteachers would say. They just laughed at the other picture and after some discussion of the difference between USA licenses and Korea licenses they finally asked me why I looked so different. I said I lost 50lbs. That didn't mean much until I converted it to kg.
Oh! 50lbs is equal to 22.6kg, I said. They laughed and said "no, no, no", pointing to a student, "She weighs 26kg!". I converted that to lbs and said yep, that's about right. I showed them the calculations on the computer and my own coteacher leaned in and said in a dear, yet questioning tone: "Were you a little fat?" hahaha Priceless.

And yes, yes I was. Never again!


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