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Compared to many teaching accounts that I've been reading, I have it pretty good. Compared to my worst teaching experience back in The States, I still have it pretty damn good. But that doesn't mean that at the end of the day I don't come home a little stressed out...
The other day a 4th grader learned a new word and wanted to use it. He called me a pig! Today my mannerisms and voice pattern were being mocked. And, oh yeah, then they threw wads of paper at me.
All-in-all the kids are sweet. But, like anything, it just takes a few to get to you.

I really do strive to work well with and impress my coteachers. I want nothing more than for them to be happy to work with me. So, when the game I stayed up late preparing failed today...I was crushed and embarrassed. Of course it happened with the coteacher that I want to impress the most too! I feel a lot gets lost in translation between us. She's an excellent teacher and she thinks on her feet far better than I. She salvaged the class and the game. *sigh* Next time. I know it's impossible to compare our teaching experience: She's a pro -been doing it for years and years, and I'm quite the novice. But still. I'll shuffle home today with my teacher-ego bruised.

Yesterdays class/game went well though! I even taught one class all by myself. It was 3rd grade and we were reviewing the ABCs and telling time. I made this game (a combination of a few games presented during orientation -can't take all the credit) called Alphabet Scramble: I wrote the alphabet on the board (upper and lower case) in a random configuration. One person from each team would come up to the board and I'd give them a big, inflatable, hammer. When I called out a letter the first student to smack the board with the hammer got a point. The kids got pretty into it. But it wasn't too long until they started smacking themselves and others...hahaa

Tonight I have my first Korean class at a cultural center in Tanbang! I definitely need to get back to it. I've picked up some words here and there but I've almost lost all of my character recognition. Kahmsahamnida!


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