Happy Christmas.

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Well, the going-home-Christmas-surprise is up! It's my fault. I told too many peole. I couldn't help it. I was a little too excited. :) At least Campbell will be surprised! He still doens't know I'm coming. I'll just videotape his little butt wigglin' about. That is...if he hasn't forgotten about me yet!

It was a 메리크리스마스 (Merry Christmas) indeed last night. My morning started off  little strange. I've never had a Christmas morning in bed eating 만두dumplings and watching The Walking Dead. Needless to say; I was feeling a little grumpy and lonely. And I'm sure my television show of choice was NOT helping the matter. But things turned around once I made my way to my friends place. Laura's apartment was adorable and felt extremely homey. She's going on her second year here and her place looked lived in compared to the dormitory-hallway-chic I've got goin' on in my aprtment. So cute. So we snacked and snacked and snacked...all day! Snacked and drank mimosas. Then on to wine! A few other friends stopped by (all new people to me = new friends!) and added to the mix of story telling, game playing, and champagne drinking. Two girls even pitched in and came back from their wine-run with a box of lobsters! My side hurt from laughing so much. Such a great time. Once the sun set we put on The Muppet Christmas Carol, quoted away, and reminisced about the fact that this movie is 20 YEARS OLD. What??? When did I get so old? Damn. haha Then! The highlight of the night for sure: One of Laura's friends brought over his guitar and we had an impromptu concert. We sang everything from O Holy Night, to some Regina Spektor, then ended with Flight of the Conchords. ("You are the most beautiful girl on the street...depending on the street.")

My cab ride home was fantastic. The cabbie was an older Korean man; very traditional in his gestures and mannerisms, but quite adorable. At first he was unsure about my destination because of my accent...but after a few tense moments attempting to explain and converse in Korean, he understood. What he didn't understand was that I didn't speak Korean. haha Just because I can say "내" and nod my head does not mean I know what you're saying. I caught a couple words here and there -that's about it. But we laughed at whatever was being exchanged between us and by the end of the ride we were counting together in Korean. Adorable old man. I wished him Merry Christmas in my best Korean accent and he smiled and said it back.


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