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I'm not obsessive compulsive I swear. But! I have half a weeks worth of desk-warming ahead of me and instead of watching awkward YouTube videos in the office...I feel like I should be doing something productive. And me typing away in the corner at least sounds productive. So, going back home:That's an odd thought. I've been telling people here that I'm actually expecting to have reverse culture shock. I didn't really have culture shock coming here and adapting to a new way of life but going back and visiting the old might shake things up. You mean..people aren't going to stare at me, bump into me, and say "HuHH?!" everytime I speak? Weird.
Unfortunately I'll only be back for four whole days. Too short of a time to squeeze in everything that I'd like to do. But! It'll be lovely regardless. (I think I use those two words too much.)

Home List:
- Visit the newest addition to my family:I'm going to be an Aunt ya'll! (Yes, Aunt. No, my brother's not pregnant. My best friend is having her first and she's honored me by calling me Auntie Jess. hehe) :)
- Mexican food: Holy flaming guacamole Batman. Mexican food. I know I can seek out Mexican food here if I really tried. But it's expensive and...not American sized portions. Unless I go to Seoul. But I've only been to Seoul once. I'm a bad waygook.
- Shoe shopping: Watch out.
- Cuddling with Campbell: Seriously having dog withdrawls. If I come back from Cambodia with a with it.
- Cuddling with anything warm in general: Seriously. Being warm? What's that?
- At least two lunch dates with my Mom: Indian? Thai? Yes.
- Friends: I need more M's in my life. (Mike, Marcy, Myles, Melissa...!)
- Pizza: Bread and cheese that's not sweet? I'ma gunna getz fat ya'll.
- Shopping in general: I really don't NEED anything. Maybe a pair of pants. But it'd be nice to be able to go into a store and just try things on. And! *gasp* Maybe some things will fit.
- Family time: Board games, cards, movies with my brother, music with my dad.
- Bathtub: If I'm not back in an hour...don't send a search party.

Side note: One of my student's parents in a mural artist. Here's his blog: He was so proud to show me! hehe


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