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It's already January 14th; which means I've gone home and come back already. Neither of which feel like they really happened. When I was back home I felt like I never left -never even went to Korea, though I had all the stories to tell. And now that I'm back, sitting inside my apartment looking out at my view of the city, it feels like I never went back home.
But! Going back home was amazing. Even though my body wasn't sure what day or time it was for the majority of my was nice. And I am soooo thankful for the generosity of my parents. So thankful. Love you both. Because of them I got to see my best friends baby while he was still barely a week old! Held him for a couple hours and visited for a few more. Amazing. Neither of which felt like enough time though. I also had a few nights out with my best group. I love them all and I'm so proud of the directions we're heading in our lives. No matter what part of the globe we end up on, when we get back together it's like we never left. But you know we're growing up, because this time...we didn't get kicked out of Starbucks. haha
New Years Eve was an amazing night that I definitely did not expect to have this year. As tradition holds, my family and I feasted on seafood in the dining room and went 'round saying what we were thankful for this past year and what we are looking forward to in the next. Sitting in my chair waiting for my turn to answer proved to be difficult. I've always lived an extremely fortunate life, but this past year has been especially fulfilling and I had a lot to be thankful for. And before the year ended, I had  even more news to be thankful for. My life. I swear.

Is it possible that I'm experiencing reverse-reverse culture shock? I've been told that people experience  reverse culture shock when they return home. But how about 'reverse-reverse' from going home and coming back? The first two days back I did little to leave my apartment. After being spoiled with being abel to speak freely back home, I didn't want to bother with a language barrier. Or being stared at. I just didn't want to have to deal with anything really. After a 23 hour straight journey from Detroit to my apartment door...I was looking for a little alone time. I especially didn't feel like being stared at. haha

This past week it was slowly starting to settle in that I was back in Korea. It took a bit. Which is strange to say because, like I said, it didn't feel like I returned home either. I felt like I was in this odd state of limbo. It could of been the lack of sleep now that I think about it. Haha, where am I? Oh yeah, Asia. But things have picked back up to where there were before. Nights out have changed a little bit though because this is vacation time after all. The group dynamic is a little scattered at the moment. Us expats are jet-setting all about right now: England, China, USA, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam... And I'm sooooo excited to say I'll be doing the same come Friday!! Ahhh! Can't wait. What a ridiculous life I lead: 2 international trips in 2 weeks.

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